Happy 6th birthday IFAA!

Written by Tiffany Westrich-Robertson, CEO of IFAA, patient with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Axial Spondyloarthropathy, Sjögren’s Syndrome

6th birthday

Ahh to be six.  We see the world as hopeful, so many things to experience, so many things to try – often with little fear of being hurt or rejected.  We are open to relationships, people like the mail man or the checker at the grocery store are super cool and we get excited when we know we can see them soon.  Our knowledge of science is limited, mostly doing fun problem solving experiments, like how to make the glue in our desks into molding clay.  Oh, and people who are 40 are SOOOOOOO old.

Today, May 7th, 2017, IFAA is six years old.  While we are a nonprofit, we aren’t much different than “being six” as a human.

  • We are hopeful.  We believe strongly that if the world (public, peers, family, doctors, media, policy makers) is properly educated about DIFFERENT TYPES of arthritis that they will see that the second most “common” (word used sarcastically, as many of these are rare diseases) type of arthritis is autoimmune/autoinflammatory – or the arthritis associated with having an autoimmune or autoinflammatory disease, they will understand these diseases require a different type of research, treatment plan, and management protocol.  Doing this will result in earlier detection, referrals, diagnosis, and treatment.  It will help secure funding for treatments that are more personalized to our individual journeys.  It will help to alleviate misunderstandings among family, friends, peers, co-workers, the medical community, and policy makers.  It will make a difference. (Learn how YOU can make a difference this May 19th-21st during World Autoimmune/Autoinflammatory Arthritis Day’s virtual online race between your favorite nonprofits!)
  • We believe in relationships.  IFAA is unique in that no program or effort we take on is by ourselves.  We believe in other nonprofits, advocates, coalitions and the great work they do – and we believe that if we unite our efforts only good things can happen.   This “global network” philosophy that in ingrained in all we do has enabled us to establish solid relationships with dozens of groups all over the world – from the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and counting.  We think they are so cool and we look forward to working with them every chance we get.
  • We are leaders in the patient-researcher partnerships movement.  Other than awareness and education about arthritis differentiation, our other strongest initiative is involving patients ON the research team.  We get to learn about science in new ways, and be part of the solution.

Six years ago today, on my 40th birthday, I opened the mailbox to find the letter that stated IFAA was officially a nonprofit.  Today, at 46, I look back on the last few years and all that IFAA has accomplished in a very short period of time.   But one thing that is different between being a six year old human and a six year old organization is 40 is NOT old.  And 46???  I’ve only just begun.  And the same with IFAA – watch out world, here we come!

Author: IFAA Team

I am the CEO of IFAA, using my former experience in business development, project management, and education - in conjunction with being a patient myself - to lead our team of passionate volunteers & contractors as we identify community problems and then develop & implement solutions.

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